We provide a warranty to all our customers based on the category of their purchase as it goes from 3 months to a lifetime guarantee

We stand out amongst other suppliers because we have a professional term
that is dedicated in producing the most healthy she’s with unmatched

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Committed towards satisfying our customers, we are engaged in delivering Black Diamond Stingray Fish. As a Supplier and Exporter, we strive to please the taste buds of our customers.

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The Fly River turtle is also called the pig-nosed turtle and is undoubtedly one of the strangest turtles in the world. Unlike any other freshwater turtle, it possesses flippers resembling those of marine turtles.

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Best Selling Products

  • Super Red Arowana
  • Chili Red Arowana
  • Malaysian Red Arowana
  • Blue Base Gold Arowana
  • 24K Gold Arowana
  • Crossback Gold Arowana
  • Malaysian Golden Blue Base Arowana
  • Violet Fusion Arowana

All our arowanas are micro chipped and comes with the cites permit.  We give Money back guarantee within 24hrs if you don’t receive your Fish


Our prices is the most affordable compared to other fish breeders in united states and Canada, we sell and provide our clients with the best Asian arowana and top healthy Asian arowana at the best prices ever.


Our clients satisfaction is our priority and the customer is the king. We put our maximum efforts and experience to satisfy our clients and that is one of the reason why we are so close to perfection is the fact that we handle all these varieties but we maintain premium qualities.


We are the breeders of healthy top quality tropical aquarium fishes and Rare Exotic Freshwater fish species. We breed these fish in our breeding facilities, Besides of being one of the biggest exporter of these fish varieties.