Here at Tran Fish farm,  we aim to provide the absolute best quality fish( Arowanas, Stingrays, flowerhorn and other fish) at the very best possible prices, shipped directly to your door Steps. Unlike receiving a regular parcel some extra care and planning must be taken to ensure the safe arrival of your fish. We have strict policies and procedures for shipping live fish so please read these carefully and familiarize yourself with what may happen and what is required of you to make this process as smooth and as safe as possible. When having fish shipped to you it is important to plan accordingly
so that your fish arrive in good health and with as little stress (to them) as possible. Please ensure your address is accurate and complete. A wrong or inaccurate address can significantly threaten the welfare of fish in transit and will void the D.O.A policy and guarantee. (Likewise, fish cannot be sent to a P.O. Box) Please ensure someone is at home to receive the parcel at time of delivery. Any fish that are returned to a depot or left on a doorstep will not be covered by any guarantee or D.O.A policy as this significantly increases the risk to the fish. Please ensure that fish are dealt with and released into your tank in a timely manner as this minimizes their stress and risk. Always follow safe release practices (e.g: floating bags to stabilize temperature and gradual mixing of water to avoid shock. etc ) Any fish that arrive dead in their bags will be covered by our D.O.A policy if all conditions are met so please take time to familiarize yourself with what you will need to do in this instance as there are procedures for claiming that need to be strictly followed. We cannot offer any guarantee on fish once they have been released into your tank. There are simply too many factors beyond our control that can may cause fish deaths in a new or existing aquarium.
At Tran Fish Farm.  we give you the best of protection,  health and live guarantee for your fish you purchase from us
Customers should not be worried, since according to our experience,
our Death On Arrival (DOA) rate is below 1.5% in average. And we hardly record this because we handle them with good experts.
Any fish D.O.A. (dead on arrival) must be reported to Mega Arowana  Team
within 60 minutes of arrival. If your purchase does arrive dead,
whether the loss is caused by carrier’s mishandling or by something we
have done, we will refund or replace it at no extra fee (excluding
packaging and shipping), provided you show prove of death on delivery time
and the below procedure is followed:
We reserve the right to refuse shipment to anyone.
Our live stock is treated with the highest possible care.
We breed and raise a lot of our own stock.
100% Money Back Guarantee
Photos of the livestock should be emailed to us.
Never dispose of or return a fish without authorization.
Our guarantee applies to original shipment only, not replacement
items. Shipping and box charges are not included in this guarantee and
will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Our guarantee covers live arrival and two months guarantee after purchase only. We disclaim any responsibility
once the fish is introduced in the tank. To greatly reduce the risk of
your existing fish and/or the newly purchased fish becoming ill, we
recommend that you quarantine the newly purchased fish for a few days
prior to introducing them into your aquarium. This ensures the new
fishes’ immune systems have recovered to full strength.